Dr. Thomson and Dr. Kjar perform the following procedures to address your endodontic needs:

Root Canals

Inside a tooth there are hollow chambers, or canals. These canals have a soft tissue in them called pulp tissue.
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There are several reasons for a retreatment including: an untreated canal, contamination, new decay, as well as many other reasons.
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A surgery, or apicoectomy, is usually performed on a tooth that has had a previous root canal that has failed. A persistent infection is one of the few reasons an apicoectomy is performed.
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Post-Op Instructions

After treatment is completed, we place a temporary filling in your tooth. Hard and “seedy” foods (popcorn, carrots, etc.) should be avoided.
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Bone loss that is caused by infection will regenerate after the proper procedure has been performed. This usually takes several months.